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My E3 Picks

So a few of my own highlight from yesterday’s announcements and I’m going to start with my top of the heap favourite. When I heard this news today I actually whooped a little. They’re remastering Grim Fandango.

Of course we have the beauty of the next Assassin’s Creed game. I’m really excited for this. It looks like the free running and combat has been changed and it looks good. I’m also happy to see more building interiors and a floating waypoint.

Then we have the wonderful news of another Uncharted and another Far Cry on the way for our loving joy.

And lastly we have a little puzzle game with some lovely art and should be with us soon; Valiant Hearts. Visually very stunning and just my sort of game.



E3 The Tomb Raider Trailer

Okay so I missed posting this earlier in the week. This is a gameplay trailer of the new Tomb Raider game that is actually more of a prequel and an origin story. Looks fucking awesome. My only annoyance is the the first DLC will be first available to the Xbox. Making DLC first available on the Xbox isn’t going to really influence those who own both consoles or make PS3 owners buy an Xbox.

I won’t be buying it for my Xbox.


Waking up to Alan Wake

It took me some time to get around to buying Alan Wake. In truth I bought it recently because I could get it on sale for £10. I had heard good things, but I really didn’t know anything about it. Essentially I went into the purchase and the game completely blind of type and story.

I couldn’t have had a better surprise when I put Alan Wake in to play.  I had no idea really what I was going to be playing and was very pleasantly surprised to find it was a survival horror game. Been a while since I’ve played a horror game, much less a good one. So by time I was an hour into the game I was so hooked I didn’t want to put it down.

The story premise is of a successful horror writer who’s got terrible writers block and he and his wife travel to the Pacific Northwest, to Washington State, up in a small mountain town to get away so he can get himself sorted out and do some more writing. So we’re in the mountains with nothing but a small town and copious amounts of forest surrounding you.

Before I go much further I need to say something about the surroundings. I live in the UK now, but I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Oregon. To me it is the most beautiful place on earth. So when a game has chosen that area as its location it makes me a little excited and a little proud. And when I’m playing a game set in that part of the US, I feel a sort of familiarity and connection to the game.

So right off I’m feeling the setting location and it looks perfect. Those dense forests and mountains and rivers and cliffs; they all add up to a mood that is ripe for immersion. Now we just need a bit of story and there’s no lacking in that department. From the beginning you are dropped into the story head first.

Right from the get go you know there is something not right with Alan and that’s why he’s on a “vacation” with his wife. You get a little tour and then you’re right into the story and the confusion and the wonderful.

The gameplay is straight forward and easy to get to grips with. You have a primary weapon and you have guns. I don’t want to explain what the primary weapon is cause it’s genius and really vital to the story. The other weapon besides the gun and that special weapon is your 2 feet. You will need to run; and fast. Just like Silent Hill, sometimes the best action is to not stay in the action. You will need to kill the bad things/guys, but you need to stay alive and keeps your friends alive. At times you will have company when you’re running around the forest/town; but your company isn’t a burden. Where in a lot of games it’s your job to protect your companion; in Alan Wake yuor companion has some brains and keeps their ass out of the way or they help kick bad guy ass.

Take note other games, this is how you handle having a companion.

I don’t want to give anything away. There are moments when you’ll be on the edge of your seat. Other moments your heart will be in your throat. The fear and excitement are so well constructed. I’m am happy to say that Alan Wake has got to be one of the best games I’ve played. So many things done so right that I really couldn’t tell you what was wrong.


Scott Prilgrim vs PRobertson

Usually I’m not one to advocate movie tie-in games. Generally speaking games made to tie-in movies are a bit shit. Just this once though I will break my rule. Truth be told, I’ve been waiting more for this game than the movie. As you may have guessed, the movie I’m referring to is Scot Pilgrim vs The World. I haven’t actually seen the movie yet. I will eventually, but just not gotten there yet.

No, my main reason for anticipating this game has a name and that name is Paul Robertson. He’s the artist that drew the game. I’ve been following him for quite some time and really love his artwork.

PRobertson is pretty much made of awesome though. The guy is a master of 16bit art. To add to the package he’s a bit on the twisted side of odd, which is nothing but a bonus in my book. I bought the game though on the PSN the day it came out. It’s a side scrolling beat ’em up which I think we can all agree his art is perfect for. The game is 1-4 players which is great cause you can play with friends like we used to do in the arcades. Luckily no massive roll of quarters are needed to play this game for hours.

I don’t know what to say, just go buy it; it’s on the PSN and XBox Markeplace. My hope is that this will help Paul and maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see him doing more “retro” games in the future.

I do not recommend clicking that link to his page at work by the way. It’s not porn, but there are naked pope dressed women involved.

I Cho Cho Choose You

We all have our favourites.

Favourite food.
Favourite comics.
Favourite writers.
Favourite guilty pleasure TV show.

Favourite gaming platform.

When we all make a choice, oh wait…erm…okay. When most make a choice of what platform they will favour and play on they have a reason. If you’re me you never make a choice completely. The question is, why do you favour one platform over another? I don’t mean, which is better, but why do you like it so much that you’re willing to sink your hard earned cash into it.

I lie, I do play favourites. I have an irrational and rational bias towards the Sony platforms. In regards to the Playstations, it’s usually been a hardware and game bias, mostly hardware. I do love my DS, but there’s just something nice about the shiny PSP that makes me love it.  That aside I do own all 3 consoles, both handhelds and a kick ass PC. Not to mention the board games and tabletop RPGs. I flit from platform to another, but most people aren’t like me.

So here’s my question to you: Why’d you make your choice?


So here I am, the newest edition to Femme Gamer.
I’m City, games come first over most things and like Donna, I never sleep.

So right to it really.

I recently learned that Eidos were trying to censor any negative reviews about Tomb Raider Underworld before the game came out, much in the same way they tried to with Kane & Lynch.
What’s the point?

Reasons why they both got bad press:
Kane & Lynch had the worst PC port I have ever seen, they hadn’t even bothered to change the sodding menu’s from the Xbox version, and don’t even get me starting on the aiming, or length…

Tomb Raider Underworld is just unfortunately still very buggy. Bad clipping, bad cameras, why the hell weren’t these things picked up in testing? Why was it rushed out so there has been a game per year for the last few years? What about giving fans a nice polished game, instead of a good game, with irritating problems. It pains me to say all of that. I am a massive Tomb Raider fan, I’ve gotten every game on release day, all the special editions where I can, and sat and played them through as soon as I got them home… apart from this one.

So Eidos, instead of censoring everyone in order to get a better metacritic score, how about spending just a little bit longer putting out a polished version of a game, they way you wouldn’t have to worry about the reviews, as the games would speak for themselves.