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Assassin’s Creed 3 – Some Tempting Videos

I’ve never been one to hide my obsession with the Assassin’s Creed games. Every year I’ve bought the new AC game, although I got Brotherhood a bit later due to misconception of its gameplay. AC is one of those October/November games that rapes my bank account for all its worth too and this year it’s twice as bad. This year there are 2 games.

The first is Liberation, which is the Vita game, and we get our very first female assassin. I think you might not know just how happy and excited this makes me. I loved Altaïr and Ezio to bits and I’m sure to love Connor just as much, but it’s not the same. Aveline will be different though and yes some of that has to do with her being female. The sheer amount of FemSheps out there should be a testament to how much women like to play kick ass women in games. Given AC thus far, I think Aveline will deliver on the kick ass part at least.

Liberation is out on October 30th. Now if you’re in North America you’re going to get AC3 the same day. I will at least have a 1 day breather, not that this helps much, as it appears in the EU on the 31st. Know what makes it even worse? October 30/31 is in the middle of the fucking week. It’s enough to make a girl scream. Guess I should book my days off now…

Got two great videos for AC3 for you. Both of these show off the new game very nicely.

First the AnvilNext engine trailer, then a nice little walkthrough of some of the newness of AC3 and Connor.



Sunday Videos: Inversion

So more videos for you this weekend.

First up we’ve got Inversion from Namco. Now this is one that somehow slipped past my notice. It’s a standard 3rd person shooter, except you get a weapon that can control gravity to different degrees. Having a new tool like this could put some thinking back into the shooter.

The trailer doesn’t tell you much, but it does give you a few ideas. This second video though gives you some more detail on just how that gravity weapon can be used.

That’s all single player but as always, there’s multiplayer too. The video shows co-op, which means I might actually play it with someone. Don’t know if this is the only multipayer mode, but I would guess it isn’t.

This looks good and I think I may just have to keep an eye out for it next year. Could be a lot of fun either alone or with a friend. I do hope the co-op can be played with someone else on the same machine though.