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Tips for cohabitating with a non-gamer.

The week I first started playing Final Fantasy VII is the same week that I almost lost my PlayStation for good.  I was quite taken with the game and set up camp in the living room for a long weekend of marathon playing.  At the same time I was so absorbed by it, the various bleeps, blips and button clicks were driving my partner crazy.  It wasn’t until he (jokingly?) threatened to kick my PlayStation to the curb that I realized we’d need to come up with some kind of system if I wanted to get my game on and not drive him insane while doing so.  In this article, I’ll share some tips from my home which allow time for my gaming while simultaneously keeping the peace.

1) If it’s financially feasible, try to have several gaming options available on multiple platforms.  I have consoles hooked up in the living room, several games on the PC in the computer room and a decent collection of portable games for the PSP (PlayStation Portable).  With these various options to choose from, I’m usually able to find something suitably entertaining to play without hogging the only television in the house.  This is also good for those occasional times when I want to be by myself and do some gaming in solitude.

2) Plan ahead of time and give advance warning for major new releases.  If you *know* you’ll be completely hooked on a game and playing it a ton, let your partner know ahead of time.  This gives them time to make alternate plans to be elsewhere, should they feel the need to do so.  The inverse of that can also be useful in planning your gaming sessions, in that you can take advantage of times when you know your partner will be away for a trip to “geek out” (as I like to refer to it) without getting any static.  My partner knows that I like an occasional weekend to myself and will take trips on his own every now and then (in pursuit of his own hobbies) to allow for that time.

3) Try to include your partner in your gaming hobby, if they’re at all interested (without pressuring them, of course).  Add some casual games to your library and buy some additional controllers for your consoles.  Your partner may not wind up playing Demon’s Souls any time soon, but you can still have lots of fun playing games like Rock Band or Mario Kart together (this is especially true when people are over for a party and a group of you and your friends can all play).  I’ve also found that for more cinematic games (for example, Heavy Rain), it’s a lot of fun to play while your partner is watching you and contributing some amusing color commentary.

I hope these tips will prove somewhat helpful to you in negotiating the perils of living in a household with a non-gamer.  The basis for all of them is mutual respect for one another’s feelings and allowing for space when it’s needed.  Thanks for reading and happy gaming!



I write and I game and I work many many hours at a day job I haven’t decided if I like or not. Don’t confuse me with a writer though, I’m a journalist. I can’t write fiction. Please gods don’t ask me to write fiction. My fiction makes slashfic look good.

I live on about 3-4 hours of sleep daily. Yes they pay me to play games and write abut them.  I’m a freelancer. If I’m not awake writing then I’m not making money. Of course this clashes with the day job as it’s terribly hard sometimes to handle stupid people when you’re half asleep.

Here shall contain the things I can’t put up on the sites that pay me. All the mean things. All the speculation. All the stuff that’s really on my mind. No one is paying me for this. Sometimes you jsut have to let it out before your head explodes.

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