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Patapon 2 = Digital Only

As mentioned here, Patapon 2 will be a digital only release in North America. Now while I can understand the irrational attachment to having a physical UMD disk, I really do think this is the way forward. I have an irrational attachment to my physical disks, but I’m trying to let that go and embrace digital only releases. I like the idea of being able to just pay and poof I’ve got my game. No more waiting for the postman and hoping it doesn’t get lost. No more cursing at the cost of postage or hunting down a site that doesn’t charge me postage.

I actually have several small games on my PSP and PS3 that are digital only. And ya know what? I’m actually rather happy with them. They’re on my HDD or mem stick and if I like I can download them again whenever I like should I lose them. So all those people bitching about losing it forever if they lose their memory stick can fuck off. And those saying that memory sticks are exensive, they can fuck off too. I paid £20 for my 4GB memory card for my PSP. That’s cheap.

I do think digital only prices for major release games should be cheaper than what buying them physically. Here in the UK Patapon 2 is £20 from the PSN. I can buy it from Game for £18. Not a huge price difference, but it’s enough for me to buy it from Game instead of buying it directly from the PSN digitally.

Besides, if people hadn’t noticed, this is the future. Memory and HDDs are getting cheaper by the day. There’s really little reason these days to have a hard copy pther than an irrational attachment to it.


January Sales

The holiday season is over and I can get back on track with posting here.  I got a little distracted, sorry.

All of the game shops are having after Christmas sales. Marked down prices and 3 for 2 are exploding out of the woodwork. The only problem is that all of the games on sale are obviously old stock they want to get rid of. Games that no one wants or they already have. I get what they’re trying to do, but it annoys me. The good games are still marked at the normal retail price. So these sales are nearly useless to me for console games.

I did nearly buy a Zelda aluminum case for my DS in the sales. A case I really very much don’t need but it was jsut so kool I really wanted it. The only thing that actually stopped me was the mile long line and my lack of patience.

So what is coming that I really want in the way of games? Street Fighter 4 should be interesting. I’m very interested in the art direction they’ve taken. It’s so very different from the previous games and many current games. It’s a fighting game so I’ll very likely enjoy it and it is Street Fighter, a series that ate days of my life as a teen. But it’s the art that truly has my interest.

We’ll see what the new year holds for games. Hopefully it’ll be more interesting than last year. Every yea of games should be more interesting than the previous one.