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October is Here!!

It’s October again, but this year it’s not quite as bad. This year though I’ve double and triple checked the releases for the month and I am pretty sure I haven’t missed anything. So provided nothing get’s announced in the next week; I’ve only got 2 games on pre-order this month. (We’ll keep schtum about November for now)

So in just a few days Rage comes sailing into my hands. I hadn’t planned on getting this until I played it at the the EuroGamer Expo and it was kinda awesome.

So after a couple of weeks playing Rage the much anticipated Arkham City comes out. I have predictable purchased the Collector’s Edition. I absolutely adored Arkham Asylum even if it was a bit short. This one promises to be in all ways so I’m very excited.

We’ll talk about the toll November is going to take on my bank account when the time comes….