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Planetside Glance

The Planetside:At a Glance article is up. I’m a little annoyed that it’s jsut today been posted as it was supposed to go up on the 1st, but oh well.

Anyhow it’s late so no long posts tonight. Sleepy time for me.


At this very moment I’m doing a write up about Planetside. Not a full review, mind you. Just a basic overview of the game with some first impressions. I still haven’t decided how I feel about this MMOFPS. I’ve been playing FPS games since the beginning of time and online since Quake World. So this isn’t really new territory for me, but it is different.

The article is due tomorrow. And as usual I’m writing it the night before. Although technically it’s due today since it’s after midnight. Still it’s only about half done and it’s 2am. I’ll get it in on time. I always do. Only once have I ever missed a deadline.

I should get back to work. I’ll make sure to post up a link when it’s live on the website.