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A Look at Book 7

I completely forgot to let people know that the Look at Book 7 piece for Lord of the Rings Online was up.

Book 7 is live in the States, but we’re still waiting for Codemasters to pull ther finger out so we can have it here in Europe. One of these days we may actually get a book release when Turbine actually releases it instead of a week or two later, but I won’t hold my breath.


I live

Yea well I’ve been lazy about posting. Busy with work lately and real life gets in the way and some days I jsut don’t feel like going near my computer when I get home.

I went to Connect ’08 a couple weeks ago. Birmingham is such an ugly ugly ugly city. But it is the best place to have any kind of convention since it’s in the middle of the country. Here are the 3 pieces that came out of that though.

Jumpgate Evolution

Lord of the Rings Online

Dungeon & Dragons Online
It was a good time and I got to meet people and play games and get paid for it. Oh what a horrible job I have. I have to play games and write about them. Or the horror.

Playing a Captain

Recently I was asked by one of my editors to write an guide to playing a Captain in Lord of the Rings Online. My prompt response was that I don’t write guides. He wasn’t ready to let me out of writing something though so instead we agreed on a small op-ed piece about me playing a Captain.

I don’t like to tell people how to play a class in any game. As far as I’m concerned there is no right or wrong way to play something. How I play something will always be different to how the next guy does. In the gaming world this is a long running debate on classes. Wat is best for what and how to play certain ways. Obviously I don’t follow this logic and feel people should jsut play how they enjoy it.

So here is the outcome of that article. I know left things out, but it isn’t a guide, it’s jsut a small way of how I play and what I think is important in playing a Captain. Oh and that screenshot is a picture of my very own character.