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Duke Nukem is Definitely Forever

We’ve been waiting for 12 years for Duke to come back to us. GearBox took up the challenge of finishing the most notoriously unfinished game. They had a huge task ahead of them and more history than any one game needs.

So let’s start with the story. Duke is famous and living the life. Aliens come back to Earth and begin to again take all the women. Duke kicks alien ass.

It’s Duke Nukem; what did you expect? This is a game that comes from a time of kicking ass first and asking questions later. A time when games didn’t need to be politically correct and could have a storyline as flimsy as a porn film. Thus we have Duke, big guns, aliens and babes. Gearbox didn’t make any changes to what Duke used to be and for that I’m glad.

The humour has been a real focus for a lot reviewers. I will say this about it; hello it’s Duke Nukem! Were people actually expecting politically correct, non-corny, non-sexist jokes and dialogue? It was written in the 90s and I for one am damn happy that Gearbox didn’t change a thing about Duke’s attitude. Don’t expect someone else, expect Duke Nukem. Cause that’s who you’re going to get and he hasn’t changed. Thank fuck for that.

So let’s carry on now I’ve gotten that out of my system.

Visually Duke is middle of the road. It’s not terrible, but it most certainly isn’t as pretty as say  Vanquish or Castlevania. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t look good.  That slightly rough look somehow fits into Duke and the age of the game. It’s not award winning graphics, but they’re good and they are fitting.

You should know that I don’t play FPS games on the consoles without some kind of targeting assistance. There was no targeting assistance in Duke. There’s a setting for it in the options, but it really doesn’t help; or at least it didn’t help me.  That aside, even for me the gameplay is straight forward and not too difficult. You point, you shoot. It’s not rocket science. One thing I will say, 2 gun max is crap. Seriously, Duke is a big guy, I’m sure he could carry more than a hand gun and a rifle and a few grenades.

Overall, I loved it. It is Duke being Duke. I would have been annoyed and upset if Gearbox had changed him into something that reflects the games we have now. Duke is a well loved relic from the past no matter how crude and sexist and basic him and his games are. Duke was a product of the time and one I will always love no matter what.