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The devil made me do it

I have a serious book addiction. I really can not walk into a bookstore without buying at least one thing. And so it was today too.

At lunch my coworker said he wanted to stop in at Waterstones. Now he knows about my affliction, but we went in anyhow. Today was a good day to be in a bookstore. For today I found a new book orgasm.

The Boys.

Garth Ennis does it once again and makes me remember why I loved Preacher despite really disliking the art. British humour with a lot of sex and swearing. What better things to put into a comic book.

This time though I’m in love with the art. This time Darick Robertson is drawing. Otherwise known as the genius artist of Transmetropolitan. (Gods that’s a long word) The characters are so spot on with Garth’s story and dialogue it’s uncanny. This has got to be a serious match made in heaven.

Besides, how can a book that DC actually cancelled not be good. Ennis said he’s out-Preacher Preacher and he has. And this is only the beginning. Titan Publishing sure were smart to take this bad boy on.