Listen To Me Talk Games

Okay so a couple of weeks ago I got asked by DJ Jess at Break Thru Radio to do an interview about Femme Gamer. Besides talking about games I may have rambled a bit.

So, go have a listen and tell me I’m not crazy.



Proof of a Differnt Way of Thinking

So, I was flipping through my Steam featured games page and found 7 Days To Die which is currently on sale. I watched the video I’ve linked below and it made me so super happy that I barely have words. Have a look.

Now, the game itself doesn’t really interest me, but what it represents gets me all kinds of excited. The game itself is the amalgamation of Minecraft, Walking Dead and Skyrim basically and that is great. What has me excited though is that this clearly shows that game designers are thinking in different directions and gamers are clearly showing that this new way of thinking is what they want to play. The game was heavily funded on Kickstarter and was also part of Steam’s Greenlight games.

This is only 1 example, but it’s a good example of what can happen when designers don’t decide to just make a clone of a successful game. I can’t even count the number of Minecraft clones out there all trying to capitalise on its success. The age of Indie games has come back again and as they begin to make more games that are outside the set genre and confines, the more likely the big boys will begin to notice. It won’t be an overnight change, but I think it can happen. The last year has seen some very interesting games get published. With the new generation of consoles and increased indie support by the console makers; I think we can see some more mainstream companies begin to broaden their thinking.

We’re All Geeks

I’m just gonna leave this here for you because it’s made of fucking awesome.

Valentines Day Done Right – Total Geek

This is my Valentines Day present. Screw dinner and a movie and flowers. Encouraging my obsession is way better.

Best husband ever.

(For those not in the know, it’s ClapTrap from Borderlands)

I Am A Stereotype

Am I damaging female gaming?

Often I read articles from other women who are avid gamers of all kinds. Often a familiar theme is how much people expect from them as either a woman or a gamer, as if they can’t be feminine and a gamer. I get where this comes from too as I’ve seen it. This view that a female gamer must be a tomboy.

I fear that I may be part of the problem sometimes. I am that stereotype. I work in IT and I am an avid gamer. It’s not that I’m not feminine, just that I have more boy brain than girl brain. I like boy things, movies, games, books, etc., but on the flip side of that though I am a nail polish addict. I’ve been running femme gamer for several years now after several years of professional games journalism; yet another field predominately occupied by males.

See why I might have this paranoia about being part of the problem and not the solution? I am that gamer female in the jeans and and clever t-shirt making crude jokes and kicking butt with the guys. The nature of stereotypes though means I’m not the only one, I can’t be. If I was alone in this it wouldn’t be a stereotype. So instead of worrying if I’m causing more harm than good, I thought to examine me and how I got to this point.

The first question has to be: “When did the tomboy thing start?” Well that’s easy; at birth. Okay maybe not quite that soon, but it certainly wasn’t too far after. I had an older brother growing up and his toys were always so interesting. I love taking things apart and putting them back together so I was naturally attracted to his Transformers. I had a teddy bear collection, but that was more like early training for later fanatical book collecting; a habit that was blooming even then as I became an avid reader. The computer obsession started here too with that Vic20 we had.

By time I hit my teens and was committed to this tomboy thing without even realising it. By time I was in my 20s it was obviously not going to change and I turned to computers to strike out a career for myself. Once the career began to blossom so did my interest in games. Sure I’d been playing games for years, but this was the dawn of the FPS game era and Quake was new.

I began building custom computers to play these games on and to further my career. I found I had a knack for it and I fell deeper into the hole of technology and became a fullly loaded hardware and computer geek. The more time I spent playing games, the more I played them with guys. My tomboy credentials grew and my gaming friends circle grew and was mostly filled with men. I worked with computer, enjoyed gaming with guys.

As the years passed the cycle didn’t change. I met my husband through online gaming and I moved to the UK. I met more gamers and found other females who also enjoyed gaming. Time passed and I got older and still I was the same tomboy. When I was a kid I liked bugs, snakes and getting dirty; and I still do even in my 30s. I used to take things apart just so I could see how they work and put them back together, now I get paid for it. I am the tomboy stereotype and I always have been.

I know that there are many women out there who are gamers and are tomboys. I know that we get a bit of guff because we are the stereotype. I know that there are plenty of women out there who aren’t. I know it’s a fight for the gaming world to just treat us all like gamers instead of pigeon-holing us. That doesn’t mean we can’t be proud of who we are even if we do fit into the pigeon-hole. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’re a stereotype. Tomboy gamer femme or ultra-femme woman gamer, it doesn’t matter. We’re all gamers. We aren’t hurting the hobby. Be proud of who you are no matter what. We are who we are and gaming is a big part of our lives.

Screw you gaming world. We are females and we are gamers. Just like the guys, we too come in all kinds of stereotypes.

I Love Final Fantasy

My love affair with Final Fantasy started a good 15ish years ago. With each one I’ve fallen more in love than I was with the previous incarnation. Sure there have been some that were better than others.

With each release I get all excited like I’m a child again and ya know this time is no different. I think you know where I’m going with this so I’ll let the vids do the talking.





Interview and more shiny

SOWYGO: Made of Geek

These days I’m all kinds of geek. Primarily I focus on computers and gaming, which may be slightly obvious given where you’re reading this. Before all that though, and believe me the computers go way back to Commodores, there were books. Maybe it’s not nearly as geeky now as an adult as it was when I was a kid, but somehow I doubt kids have stopped picking on the bookworms. Even as an adult I outstrip many friends in the amount that I read and buy. (and I read everything I buy)

For all the other geeky things, above it all I am a bookworm and I’m more than proud of it. When I was a kid I’d spend pretty much every waking moment with my nose in a book. It wasn’t an escape; it was exploring. It was smart. It was something else to the here and now. As an adult it’s not much different except I don’t get chastised for it anymore.  Although, I spend more on books in a year than I do on games; and trust me that’s kinda scary.

Still there are worse things to spend your money on.

Couple this with being in band in grade school and choir in high school you’ve got the makings of a good sized geek on your hands. I didn’t stick with band and I grew out of choir despite still loving to sing. As my interests changed, ever present were my book shelves. Always there was a book in my bag and in my hand. My mom is the biggest bookworm I’ve ever met, so you can see where I get it from. Some of my fondest memories as a kid/teen are of being in the huge library back home with my mom. Books are an integral part of my life and happiness.

When I moved to the UK my books were the only things that I agonised over leaving behind; I ended up leaving them with my mom. Luckily I married a man who is as voracious a reader as I am. We’ve re-built the library I left behind.

Ya know, I’m really glad for that bit of geekery because it’s educated me more on how to write and spell properly than any English class ever could’ve done.  Actually I was pretty shit on my English classes. I couldn’t tell you how to conjugate the verb in a sentence if my life depended on it. Yet here I sit writing and hopefully you have some comprehension of what I’m saying.

So, what I’m trying to say is this: Of all my geeky love of gaming and technology & computers, I am most proud of my book geekery.

I am a word nerd.


Just Another Gamer

I can’t count the times that I’ve heard stories from fellow female gamers of being treated badly as they shopped for games in shops. It isn’t often that I will talk about how I am treated in a gaming shop. I’ve never had a bad experience per se, but rarely do I have great experience either. The most I usually hope for is to not be hassled when I go shopping in a game store; which actually isn’t often.

Last Saturday though I swung by the local Gamestation store to peruse their used games and see what kind of deals they hasd running on them. Often they’ll have 2 for £20. So I’m in the shop with my hubby yammering away about what games to get and ended up with 4 games in my hands. Yep, I got suckered into the 2 for £20 as usual.

I wandered up to the counter and handed my boxes to the guy behinf the counter as usual and he turned to get the games for me. As he’s ringing me up he makes a comment about one of the games I was buying then light chit chat about upcoming games. This wole interaction took all of maybe 5 minutes, but that was 5 minutes that made me smile.

For once I was greeted with actual interest like I was just another gamer instead of being ignored like I know nothing or them directing replies to my husband who’s standing behind me. That I think always annoys me the most. Yes my husband is a gamer, but he’s not as heavily into console gaming as I am. My knowledge of console games vastly outstrips his. (To be fair his tabletop gaming knowledge is staggering.) If I say something though, don’t turn to my husband and reply; nothing annoys me more.

This counter jocky though didn’t do that. He talked to me and we gushed and chatted as he rung up my games. Never once did he treat me like I wasn’t there or hadn’t said something. In short, he treated me like just any other gamer.

This may seem like a small thing to most people, but that’s all I have ever asked for. I am a gamer and that’s all I’ve ever asked to be treated like. Sure the site is called Femme Gamer, but really that’s just a selling point to show people that we females game just like everyone else. We are females and we are gamers. Treating us like any other gamer is all I ever asked for any

When GlaDOS Asks You to Marry Someone, You Say Yes

Gary Hudston, God-Among-Men, commissioned a team to take on a secret Portal 2 project for his girlfriend.

I cried at the end. ME.


Level Design: Rachel van der Meer & Doug Hoogland
Scripting: Doug Hoogland
Writing: Gary Hudston
Animations: Rachel van der Meer
VoiceActor: Ellen Mclain
Recording: VALVe


Things to do in gaming when you’re unemployed

Yes, folks. Unemployment has reached out and grabbed me like it grabbed so many Americans. So how does the gamer cope when one’s funds are at a stranglehold?

The gamer does DLC, MMOs, and goes back to old games unfinished. For me, that means: World of Warcraft (50cents a day for one account, people, you don’t get cheaper entertainment then this), Red Dead Redemption, Final Fantasy XIII, Little Big Planet, Dragon Age: Origins, Fallout: New Vegas, and wrapping up the last missions of Mass Effect. So, seriously? Not going to be hurting for keeping myself occupied into the wee hours while I wait for the phone to ring or my unemployment check to hit.

Ironically, I had just bought the Dead Money DLC for Fallout: New Vegas, and loved almost every minute, except for that cheese-ass fight at the end and the race against the clock, which I did not love at all, and which is why I stopped playing it for a while. I have a ton of unfinished or unplayed DLC for Dragon Age. Hell, I think I still have unfinished DLC for Fallout 3.

All of these were pretty cheap, and they provide me with several hours of entertainment. But nothing, nothing beats an MMO subscription. With the average cost about $15 a month, that’s a pretty good per-day cost. Now, not everybody will consider keeping their internet as a non-luxury, but around here if you want to job search without trucking to the library (with gas prices rising, also a craptastic option) you’re going to keep your internet, and cut just about everything else.

Tabletop gaming also remains free, so long as you have the books or can find them on the internet for cheap, or whatever. PDF downloads can be cheap or free, depending on the company, and hey, you just need some pals and some dice.

So I think I’ve got enough to keep me relatively entertained between waiting for rejection letters and interview calls. Here’s hoping I’m not unemployed long enough to finish playing them all, though. That would be quite some time to be unemployed.


Things have died. I was not one of them.

It has been months, Femme Gamers, and for that, I am shamed. I wish I had an excuse — and maybe I do. Work, school, husband, new dog, novel. Those are a long list of things. But it’s not like gaming stopped for me, and thus, I should have kept up here. I mean, there’s a lot of things going here, both good and bad.

In September, the Local Anime Con – which I will not name, because I hate the club behind it and will quicker cut my own throat then give those people free press – put our lives on hold, as it does every year. Most of our gaming group is involved in this and it’s yet another reason I hate it’s very existence. Most of the group goes on an anime-infused exodus to other cons, write what they like about the other cons, and then attempt to apply it to their current local anime con that has a completely different social demographic in another state, with complete lack of success that accompanies taking the science behind bananas and attempting to apply it to pork products.

It also puts our gaming on hold for several weeks, as they apply their weekends to meetings, dinners, and the inherent drama that the con is soaked with. It’s all they talk about. It’s all they can afford to deal with. Let me tell you, gentle reader, that this fucking sucks.

During this time we had three games; Shadowrun, which my husband GM’s, Witchfire, an Iron Kingdoms campaign which my ex-boyfriend (but still pal) runs, and Murderous Hobos, another Iron Kingdoms game which a friend of ours runs. The husband and I are not involved in the con, but the ex and the pal definitely are.

Shadowrun does not go on hold. Hobos does go on hold, for the holidays. The ex puts his game on indefinite hiatus with plans to return to the game after the holidays. Life goes on – drama occurs, the con occurs, holidays occur. Games get put on brief holiday holds, but resume. Our friend has some family issues — an illness with his mother — that complicates his life, but she turns out okay (for which we are all grateful) and life goes on.

The ex never picks up his game. We merrily go along for the next few months, up until February, doing the every-other-weekend games. I game Shadowrun one Saturday, make dinner,and have a good old time. The husband goes to play in the Murderous Hobo game on the other Saturday and HE has a good old time. Good ol’ times are had.

In the interim of missing tabletop games, I play a ton of video games when I have the time; bitterness over the theft of my PS3 and all the time I invested in the games on it, now lost – Folklore, Final Fantasy XIII, Red Dead Redemption, and so forth – have made me bitter about trying to return to them, and while I have picked up each one a few times, I have not gotten near to the completion I had when the systems were stolen. I don’t think I can be blamed for this, but I know I ought to build a bridge and get over it, proverbially speaking.

However, all is not lost: I’m loving Fallout: New Vegas and I got into Mass Effect (finally) and while I watch for Dragon Age 2 with trepidation. I’m not going to be a first day buyer on that one – Mass Effect’s control scheme on PC doesn’t thrill me and I don’t really want a sword & sorcery overlay just because Bioware’s lazy and wants to cash in on their RPG epic the ‘fast and easy’ way by just producing a fantasy Mass Effect clone. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm drops and that’s a whole other post in itself, folks. Another time.

Life settle into a routine. Slowly, as it often happens, discussions crop up about starting a new Friday Game. Witchfire is never mentioned. The ex begins designing a new game sort– very skeletal, very much trying to not be ‘main stream fantasy’. (He’s quite the rebel, my ex. Ask anybody – cue eye roll, here.) He does nothing with it, but talks about running it for a while. Another player in our game goes back to talking about running another, long-dead campaign that quite frankly, nobody really wants to play. All of his games go that way, I’m sad to say, and the group keeps dodging his games – but he still occasionally puts them out as an option. He gets points for perseverance, at least.

Finally, the ex announces last week he’s going to run the ‘new’ world he’s built up– he’s going to have us make characters and let us define our characters WHOLE COUNTRIES and CULTURES and fit them into his ‘existing’ game world, with a few provisos (he has things to say about certain races — things that break them from ‘mainstream fantasy’, of course). He just wants to experiment, he says. Try something new, he says.

So, last weekend, I talk to him over IM about my feelings and thoughts on the matter; I have wanted to return to our past campaign and finish it. Our players are all happy to do so, even though he claims everyone is ‘ambiguous’ or ‘non-committal’; I know both my husband and I want to finish the game, and the others are happy so long as there is dice involved, really. He promises me that come next Friday, we’ll all get together and talk about returning to Witchfire or starting the new, so he’d know what everybody wanted.

Well, let me tell you, friends, that when I walked in on Friday night and found them all building characters for the new game – that he’d been working with the other players for a week, including my husband, on new classes and cultures to cram into the Pathfinder system, I was pretty pissed off. This is not the first time he’s lied to me about following through – there’s a reason he got dumped six years ago, and shit like this factors into it – and spend the rest of the night angry. Everybody rolls up new characters, and I beg off with lack of inspiration.

Later, my husband asks me why I can’t just go along to get along — I say I’m tired of putting up with this shit with the ex; this is part of why he got dumped and it’s tiring of having some of our social life continue to hinge on this person’s inability to commit to anything. I’m not the only one who feels this way– the guys are tired of him saying he’ll do things, but being men, they tend to simply let it roll, because half of them live with them, and none of them are particularly inclined to rock the boat. Also, it’s partially our damage and history together; I won’t lie, it’s a factor.

So, gentle readers: I know when I tell him I’m not going to join his game, there’s going to be drama. If I ‘go along to get along’ my lack of enjoyment and lack of giving a damn about this shitty idea that he’ll drop in less than two months will also cause drama. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

So, do I go full damned and let him just how hard he can fuck himself, or do I attempt some sort of politically correct, “Sorry, it’s not you, it’s me,” which is only half true. A lot of this, very much, is him. But no amount of telling him this — even dumping him over his inability to follow through on anything, including our engagement – has ever made him change, and this sure won’t either.

Damned either way.


Updates all around!

I finally beat Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Finally! I know it’s only about a 10 hour game, but I’ve been playing games so sparsely lately that it took me 3 months to get through it.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game. The graphics held up really well and the story was interesting. The only major issue I had was that since devs tried to squeeze the entire game into 1 disc, the audio suffered big time. The game has a beautiful soundtrack, but it sounded really choppy all throughout.

Now that I’m done with that, I’ve got a lot of ‘found time’ to play other things. The main reason for this is my boyfriend is back in school, so I’m going out less. I’m working in the mornings and then I have pretty much the afternoon off to either play games, do photo stuff, write, whatever. Speaking of writing, I’m now contributing news posts to – if any of you are into figures, plushies, toys (etc) in general, go on and give ’em a read! You’ll find most of the latest release and update info there.

Besides that, I’ve applied for a couple other writing internships and I’m trying to get my career going. I really want to move out of my family’s house, but I haven’t got a steady income. Eventually, I’ll get there.

Back to the gaming front: I downloaded Scott Pilgrim vs The World on my PlayStation 3. It’s such a fun game, and the soundtrack is so happy. It’s been a really long time since I played a game that makes me feel all happy and giddy as I run through it. It’s too bad the movie is tanking in theatres, because they thought somehow Scott Pilgrim would beat The Expendables on opening weekend. Nerd culture is such a small minority in the scheme of things, it’s really sad to see that millions are being lost over the movie. Ah well, can’t win them all.

Last but not least (DEFINITELY not least), I can finally start playing Batman: Arkham Asylum that my boyfriend had given me for my birthday. You guys have no idea how excited I am about this. I haven’t stared yet, because he gave me the Game of the Year edition, and I want to make full use of all the features (including the 3D, just because). That being said, I’m waiting for my next lazy Saturday or some day that I can just sit in front of the TV for hours and really enjoy the game. Until then, though, playing some Scott Pilgrim, or whipping out my DS for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time.  Maybe even some L4D2 or In Plain Sight (which I bought yesterday because Steam was selling it for only $2 USD).

And that’s it for my updates!

My gaming is complete again

The last console was replaced today; a new glossy black Wii has now joined the PS3; the last of the insurance money is spent, and most everything we can replace, has been. Tomorrow my husband starts calling the alarm people and we further protect our home. But now we’re basically back to where we were before (with a few missing games still missing) and getting back on our feet.

So far, games are the the only things not 100% replaces. I’ve replaced several of the games — mostly PS3 — and am now working on the Wii games. We also addde two new titles, though bundles or just want. Little Big Planet came with the bundle of the new PS3 we god, and since we got the Wii today, the husband and I picked up what we jokingly call ‘Divorce: The Game’, and plan on getting more multi-player fun on now that we’ve beaten the terribly disappointing Borderlands… though we do have the DLCs to get through as well; I’m not sure how that all shakes out, though, so we’ll go through that as we get time and inclination.

One thing Borderlands did give us, beyond some bitchin’ tunes (Champion’s No Heaven was really the only thing that made beating the game worthwhile) was the knowledge that we make a good team with flush and snipe. He gets them moving, I pop the skulls. I do enjoy the power of a good headshot.

I think we might be getting back to normal. I’m looking forward to it. Now if we could only hammer out some of the tabletop kinks — which should happen this weekend. If not, well ladies– you’ll hear all about the drama at the table over the last two weeks. Heck, you may hear about it anyway.


There really was no way I was going to resist this when our own PuffyTail posted a link to it on Twitter. Yes I paid way too much for shipping from the US to the UK, but it did get here in 4 days and that includes the weekend. I’ve been waiting for this little guy forever and finally he’s here and all mine.

I really don’t have much to share. I just wanted to share my joy at getting him today. You can buy one of your own here.

Tips for cohabitating with a non-gamer.

The week I first started playing Final Fantasy VII is the same week that I almost lost my PlayStation for good.  I was quite taken with the game and set up camp in the living room for a long weekend of marathon playing.  At the same time I was so absorbed by it, the various bleeps, blips and button clicks were driving my partner crazy.  It wasn’t until he (jokingly?) threatened to kick my PlayStation to the curb that I realized we’d need to come up with some kind of system if I wanted to get my game on and not drive him insane while doing so.  In this article, I’ll share some tips from my home which allow time for my gaming while simultaneously keeping the peace.

1) If it’s financially feasible, try to have several gaming options available on multiple platforms.  I have consoles hooked up in the living room, several games on the PC in the computer room and a decent collection of portable games for the PSP (PlayStation Portable).  With these various options to choose from, I’m usually able to find something suitably entertaining to play without hogging the only television in the house.  This is also good for those occasional times when I want to be by myself and do some gaming in solitude.

2) Plan ahead of time and give advance warning for major new releases.  If you *know* you’ll be completely hooked on a game and playing it a ton, let your partner know ahead of time.  This gives them time to make alternate plans to be elsewhere, should they feel the need to do so.  The inverse of that can also be useful in planning your gaming sessions, in that you can take advantage of times when you know your partner will be away for a trip to “geek out” (as I like to refer to it) without getting any static.  My partner knows that I like an occasional weekend to myself and will take trips on his own every now and then (in pursuit of his own hobbies) to allow for that time.

3) Try to include your partner in your gaming hobby, if they’re at all interested (without pressuring them, of course).  Add some casual games to your library and buy some additional controllers for your consoles.  Your partner may not wind up playing Demon’s Souls any time soon, but you can still have lots of fun playing games like Rock Band or Mario Kart together (this is especially true when people are over for a party and a group of you and your friends can all play).  I’ve also found that for more cinematic games (for example, Heavy Rain), it’s a lot of fun to play while your partner is watching you and contributing some amusing color commentary.

I hope these tips will prove somewhat helpful to you in negotiating the perils of living in a household with a non-gamer.  The basis for all of them is mutual respect for one another’s feelings and allowing for space when it’s needed.  Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

I’m Free!!!

Today was my last day at the piece of hell I’ve called a job for the last 2.5 years.  On monday I start for real as the CS Manager for an online game that’s coming out soon. I wish I could share what the game is because it’s quite good. It’s not my normal game genre, but it’s fun and interesting.

Still now both of my jobs are in games and I’m returning to somehting I enjoy in an industry I enjoy.

New Job

I’ve jsut quit my day job today. Two weeks notice. Normally I wouldn’t give such short notice when my contract explicitly states 4 weeks but I really don’t have any other option.

So why am I posting about such a mundane thing? Well the new job is the reason. You’re now looking at the new CS Manager for Dexterity Networks. Basically, I’ll be handling the online game support. Of course I can’t say for what game(s), but if you look hard enough you may find me. (Not that I’d tell you if you did find me)

So the countdown to leaving hell begins now.


So turns out my motherboard was slowly enacting seppuku upon itself.  Due this unfortunate turn of events I had to buy parts for a new computer. Since I hadn’t upgraded anything other than memory and video card in the last 3-4 years I had to replace everything. So I got new memory, hard drive, CPU, motherboard (obviously), video card and PSU. I also bought a 1TB external hard drive when I thought it was my hard drive going tits up. Luckily it wasn’t, but now I have a backup drive.

Wasn’t terribly costly to buy the new parts. All told was about £250, not including the TB drive. Took me a week or so to get everything re-installed and sorted out. But being the geek I am, I enjoyed every moment of it.

Now that I have a dual core CPU and a PCI-E vid card, the games look OMFG wonderful. LotR:O looked wonderful already, but now it looks super wow and runs so smoothly. I think I need to re-install Bioshock jsut so I can look at it in amazement.

So my computer is all fixed again and you can all breathe a sigh of relief.

The Return

I know it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been taking a bit of a break from writing at all. I have returned now though and I have some company. My friend and fellow games journalist, Lex, will be joining me here.

So say your hellos to her and expect some more writing soon.


Yesterday when I got in from work my husband had sad news for me. Gary Gygax has died. I sat down suddenly and began to frown as the impact settled in.

Indirectly Gary Gygax has been responsible for a fair amount of the years of my life since I was 20. Without him and his creation of D&D and RPGs the last 12 years of my life wouldn’t have happened the same and I certainly would not have my wonderful husband. So many friends and so many wonderful times. All because of one creation that spawned so many ideas and millions of imaginations.

I was about 12 when I played my very first D&D 2nd Ed game. I was confused by THAC0 then and I still am today, but regardless I loved it and wanted to play more. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to play more until I was in my 20s. Between that first D&D game and my 20s though was computer games. Wonderful RPGs such as Final Fantasy. Games that I seriously don’t think would have existed had Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson not created the world of D&D and RPGs.

With a single creation imaginations were spurred into action and our whole gaming world has blossomed. Inadvertantly Gary Gygax changed the face of gaming, both computer and pen&paper. That change though has touched so many lives and changed so many people. And so much of it was only for the better.

Gary Gygax you were a hero who loved your fans to the last moment. We will miss you.


I write and I game and I work many many hours at a day job I haven’t decided if I like or not. Don’t confuse me with a writer though, I’m a journalist. I can’t write fiction. Please gods don’t ask me to write fiction. My fiction makes slashfic look good.

I live on about 3-4 hours of sleep daily. Yes they pay me to play games and write abut them.  I’m a freelancer. If I’m not awake writing then I’m not making money. Of course this clashes with the day job as it’s terribly hard sometimes to handle stupid people when you’re half asleep.

Here shall contain the things I can’t put up on the sites that pay me. All the mean things. All the speculation. All the stuff that’s really on my mind. No one is paying me for this. Sometimes you jsut have to let it out before your head explodes.

This is my head exploding.