Listen To Me Talk Games

Okay so a couple of weeks ago I got asked by DJ Jess at Break Thru Radio to do an interview about Femme Gamer. Besides talking about games I may have rambled a bit.

So, go have a listen and tell me I’m not crazy.




I Want You!

So it’s that time of year again where I’m looking to expand the rank of female gamers writing for the site. So here’s the deal; you like games and like to write; I need writers.

So the obvious first requirement is being female. The site is about women playing games, any and all games. We are women playing all types of games, from board games, TableTop RPGs to consoles and PC games. If it’s a game, we’re playing it and writing about it. I can’t pay you and I can’t send you games, but I can give you a platform to share your thoughts.

So here’s what I need.

  • Good grasp of the English language and writing skills
  • Articles about every 2 weeks or so.
  • Female
  • Gamer

So, interested? Fill out the form below or contact me on the About page. I’ll be in need of some examples of your writing ability, so have it ready.

Did You Change Something?

It’s entirely possible that you just might notice that the site has changed just a bit. Not much mind you, just a total redesign and a fab new banner. You have no idea how I agonised over this. I thought it was time to update the site though and get it looking as good as it could with some proper design. So here I am hours later finishing this up for your enjoyment.

Our wonderful new banner is done by the same amazing comic book artist that had done the previous one. The ever wonderful Michael Furious. I’m really chuffed with what he came up with.

Hope you all like the new look.


Aren’t we done with the introductions yet?

I believe the answer to that question should be a “Yes”, once I’m complete!  Better late than never, I always say.

My name is Cassie Krause, and I’m a school teacher by day, mother by early evening, and a gamer by sundown.  I live with my husband Clint, and our son Dade in Kansas City, Missouri.  I play mostly tabletop RPGs, card games, and board games.  I recently purchased a Wii and am slowly getting back into the video game arena.

My husband and I run a small press RPG company called Red Moon Medicine Show.  Gaming is a fixture in our household, and every night is filled with some sort of action along those lines, that is, once our 2 year old  is down for the count. We cannot pull our dice bags out until Dade is asleep, because he will want to play too.

Monday nights are generally reserved for my husband and I to play some sort of game together.  Our current game of choice is Dominion (look for a post soon about how awesome this game is).  On Tuesday nights, we have our regular game group come to our home. I am the only female in the group, and it brings up a lot of interesting situations.  On these nights we generally play-test whatever work in progress my husband has, but we also play RPGs and board games along the lines of 3:16, Last Night on Earth, and many others.  Wednesday nights vary, and sometimes this is our night off to catch up on our favorite shows and just relax.  On Thursday nights, my husband heads out to a friend’s house to play yet more tabletop RPGs and I head towards my Wii for some relaxation of my own!  Finally on Friday evenings, we head to our some-what local game shop, Game Cafe, in Independence Missouri, and host Friday Night Role Play.  This is something that we just recently started up, and we hope that it becomes a big hit.

I’ve recently started introducing my students to RPGs, one of them being [Happy Birthday Robot!] developed by Daniel Solis.  I plan on my posts being from a teacher’s perspective about how gaming, not just RPGs, can actually benefit our youth. What? A teacher who believes gaming is healthy?  That’s just unheard of right?

I look forward to hearing what all the readers have to say.  Now, I must depart and go gather my young minds from PE!

Another intro post? To skip, press up up down down left right left right b a select start

Yes, it’s yet another introduction post! Aren’t you excited? I’m Jennifer, I’m 27 year old from Manchester, UK and I’m an alcoholic…er, I mean gamer! I’m a gamer.

I’ve been playing video games pretty much my whole life. It started with the BBC Micron and Acorn Archimedes back in the day when games came on cassette tape and floppy disc. However, it wasn’t until one Christmas in 1992 when my brothers and I received a SNES that I really began to love gaming. Street Fighter II and Zelda: Link to the Past will do that to you. I haven’t put down the control pad since and I probably play more games for entertainment than I watch tv. I’ve owned many different consoles over the years but my current platform of choice is an Xbox360.

I mainly enjoy playing RPG’s and FPS’s. Currently I’m enjoying Fallout 3 and I’m eagerly awaiting the next instalment of Bioware’s Dragon Age. I can often be found online fighting my way through the zombie hoards on Left 4 Dead 2 or taking sumo on a world wide tour on Street Fighter IV. I’m also quite partial to time attack games like Zoo Keeper on the DS or Geometry Wars on XboxLive Arcade. It makes me so happy to get a new high score!

I work close to the games industry. I’m a graphic designer at an agency which creates advertising, branding and packaging for video game developers and publishers. This means that we have a lot of new video games around the office which I am lucky enough to get to play on. I’m also a big fan of comic books (DC > Marvel), science fiction novels and cats.

I’m looking forward to being part of Femme Gamer and I hope I can provide some interesting posts and reviews. I certainly look forward to reading everyone else’s!

Just When You Thought They Were Complete…

Yes, it’s another introduction of the visible members of the Femme Gamer Legion. Instead of letting it fill you with fear, consider us a fine variety mix.

My name’s Ann and I’ve been gaming, mostly online sorts, for about twenty years now. I tend toward the roleplay crowd, though like the non-MMORPGs just as well. I remember my first foray into Internet gaming. I’d been dragged to a MUD by a friend on IRC, and was told to grind sheep kills for XP. That sheep killed me, or, in the words of the game, “tickled me into the stomach.” Everyone has to start somewhere.

These days, I’m firmly established in the massive multi-player graphical IRC experience called Second Life, where one may find me as Pym Sartre. I still do the text-based MUSHes and have taken out my revenge on any number of sheep by now. I pound around WoW as a Tauren Shammie, and am eyeing several games for the new machine. I fiddle with mechanics of RPGs a bit, though my life situation doesn’t seem to allow much tabletop. That may… change, as I try to convert co-workers.

I’m also an IT professional and fiddle a lot with hardware and networks and security at home. My gaming machine is a monster that glows red from the fires of hell that energize it, but I’m in the process of building a new gaming monster with a unique open case design. There may be more on that later.

It’s exciting to be a part of Femme Gamer,and I look forward to seeing what worlds the Legion conquers. And if it happens to be yours… we’ll be nice. Promise.

Introductions and Salutations


My name is Kristina, and I am very excited to participate in this blog-site written by female gamers. I am 23 and just graduated from a university in south Florida this past December after studying abroad in Japan last summer. I’ve spent my entire life around video games, comics, regular print books, anime and music of all kinds. Right now, I’ve become more of a casual gamer compared to what I expect will be most of the writers on board. Nonetheless, I hope to contribute honest and interesting reviews of the games I do (or have) played.

I generally go for RPG type games on consoles like Wii, PS2/3 and handhelds such as the DSlite. I also like to play some FPS on Steam, and I love, LOVE zombie games (they’re too funny!). I’m just disappointed I haven’t had the time to play all of the ones worthwhile. I can guarantee all you readers that at some point (probably soon, and more than once) you’ll see me talk about the Monkey Island games. I personally think those are some of the funniest games ever written, and try to share them with everyone that will listen.

Lastly, I have MMORPG experience, playing Final Fantasy XI and Titan’s Quest (among others). My handle on WP should be Chiiana, which is what I name almost all of my toons in online games and my profiles on consoles and handhelds.

That’s all I have for you all tonight. Thanks for having me, and happy reading!