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Yea well I’ve been lazy about posting. Busy with work lately and real life gets in the way and some days I jsut don’t feel like going near my computer when I get home.

I went to Connect ’08 a couple weeks ago. Birmingham is such an ugly ugly ugly city. But it is the best place to have any kind of convention since it’s in the middle of the country. Here are the 3 pieces that came out of that though.

Jumpgate Evolution

Lord of the Rings Online

Dungeon & Dragons Online
It was a good time and I got to meet people and play games and get paid for it. Oh what a horrible job I have. I have to play games and write about them. Or the horror.


A part of my job of course involves interviews. Unfortunately a large portion of them aren’t face to face or even in real time via a chat program. No, most are me writing a bunch of leading and hard questions and sending them off to whomever.

Now through a fair amount of practice I’ve learned how to write leading questions. The kind of questions that should provoke more than a single sentance response. The kind of questions that just beg for a detailed response. Sometimes though no matter how I try the interviewee jsut won’t play ball.

A recent interview I did with a CEO of a rather large game company here in the UK was one of those flops. All of his answers were short and flat. Sure he answered my questions, but not with much detail or gusto. It makes you think that either he hates these things or he doesn’t want to tell players anything.

And that right there is the point I’ve been slowly driving towards in the last 170ish words. Why do these CEOs bother agreeing to these interviews if they aren’t going to tell us anything? You’d thing that they’d be happy for the chance to toot their own horn. I’ve done talked with CEOs and Community Managers before, they love to toot their own horn given half a chance.