On the Eve of War – Destiny Taken King

Here we sit on the eve of The Taken King finally landing on our consoles and I find myself very excited. I have taken Wednesday and Thursday off work even. I’ve spent the weekend working on the new subclass quests for my Warlock with my clan. We also had a bit of a go on the new Crucible mode called Mayhem. For those who may not know, Mayhem is a new mode where your super and grenades recharge very fast. I only ever play Crucible with my clan, because they make it fun, and Mayhem was fucking awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun in The Crucible. Supers and grenades going off everywhere; bodies flying all over the place. It was great. I must thank my awesome clan, the Guardians of Sarcasm, for making Crucible fun. I never would’ve gone in there without them. Thanks guys.


Bungie did a series of live reveal streams on Twitch as well that allowed us to see some of the strikes and public events. They have done some serious tweaking to the Strikes that looks great. Bosses that tag team and then double team you. The new public events look really interesting. They’ve added in a some variables that should keep the events fresh and fun. I can’t wait to play then with the guys. So here you are, below are the videos from the Bungie live streams.

Enjoy and I’ll see you on the other side of the release.


2 responses

  1. I ran out of care for Destiny a while ago, I know that lots of people love it but I find the endless grindy nature of it to be super-tedious and uninteresting and the fact the game is constantly trying to force you into PvP (hey, want those materials to upgrade your gear, better get in the PvP arena) was super uninteresting to me.

    Also, the price for the taken king expansion was an immediate ‘nope’ for me, I paid for the initial release copy and the expansion pass (despite the fact the expansions were very disappointing) which is probably about £70 – £80 total, for them to then say that we effectively have to buy the whole game again (at retail pricing) for a mandatory expansion, well that’s just taking the piss.

    I hope that these updates do make a difference and that the people still playing the game really enjoy it, but they lost me as a player a while ago.


    September 14, 2015 at 2:22 pm

    • You don’t have to do PvP to get the upgrade materials, it’s just faster if you do.I only do PvP with my clan and that’s only a recent development. I upgraded everything prior to joining my clan and all without PvP.

      Given me and Grim play Destiny, I jsut play a lot more, the price didn’t bother me really. It’s only £40 and I expect to get a lot of play from it for both of us.

      For me there is a lot of replay value. I really enjoy the strikes and I love PoE. It doesn’t feel like grinding for me because I enjoy the replaying of missions and such.

      I can see why others wouldn’t enjoy it though and wouldn’t want to pay for The Taken King. Not everyone is comfortable with paying £40 for DLC. Although I think there is a hell of a lot of content being added.

      The Taken King is only mandatory if you want the new content, but that’s par for the course with any MMO.


      September 14, 2015 at 3:27 pm

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