The Sims Go Supernatural

I’ll apologise for not writing so much. There are plenty of reasons why I couldn’t, such as sorting out university stuff. But rather than waste time explaining everything, I’m going to get right to it and talk about the recent expansion to The Sims 3.

Finally, EA and Maxis have re-introduced the supernatural beings into the game. It’s only taken them about 7 expansion packs to do it, but I suppose good things come to those who wait… or perhaps I’m being unfair as vampires did appear in the second expansion Late Night? Either way, I’m glad to finally have a few more options in terms of supernatural beings.

New Character Creation

Customise your fairy’s wings to match your outfit

By this, I mean of course the ability to create the supernatural Sims. One thing didn’t strike me until I was reading up about the next expansion, Seasons. Where are the aliens? Much to my dismay aliens won’t make an appearance until the next expansion in November. I thought Aliens were Supernatural too*. But I likely didn’t notice this as my favourite Supernatural was there to occupy me; Werewolves! Naturally I messed about with most of the creation tools, and found the werewolves and fairies creation to be the most fun, as you can alter the appearance of the fairy’s wings, and could customise your sim’s werewolf form. Genies didn’t offer much, only the preset blue skin and themed outfits, vampires were similar with their preset skin-tone and bite-mark. I haven’t created a witch through CAS yet, or a Ghost, but I’m under the impression that creating them will be similar to Genies, in that there won’t be much to play around with that is completely unique to them.

Proper Sims do everything in formal wear

However, there’s the addition of new traits and lifetime wishes which is evident with most main expansion packs, by that I mean anything that doesn’t have “Stuff” in it’s name, and as expected they are completely fitting with a few less-obvious but brilliant traits such as Night-Owl and Proper. Each new character gets their own unique lifetime Happiness perks too, so Fairies can become King/Queen of the Fae, but Werewolves can become the Alpha Wolf instead. This is where Witches begin to redeem themselves as they have a perk that allows them to cast magic without a wand.

Supernatural Gameplay

The gameplay has received a couple of new features and a few that enhance current elements, like the collection journal. Finally the game keeps track of everything I’ve collected! The lunar cycle is great but I have a tendency to forget about it and throw parties on a full moon, resulting in werewolf chaos! But I enjoy that the fairies are also affected by the moon too, and it’s not just there for werewolves.

Fortune Tellers are fun within the game too, with the option to pursue that career with the intent of being fake and scamming people, or if you want to be a legitimate fortune teller. I also love how if you get your fortune told, the amount they tell you is depending on how many “donations” you give them throughout the session. Then there’s the ridiculous fortune at the end, no matter how much you give, as that’s the way TS3 does it!

Zombies are fun. Yes, you can’t create them per-say. You can’t through CAS but you can by developing a Zombification potion and either drinking it or throwing it on a Sim. All of their interactions are to do with brains, they have the zombie walk, and they are good sports when playing Plants vs Zombies with my on my front lawn (Limitied Edition extra). The annoying part is when they torment your horses, attack you on your doorstep, essentially leaving you housebound for the night. Goodbye fun, Hello early night!

You can transform into werewolves at any time you want which is cool! It may not have been a full moon but when my dog died, my Sim was so upset I sent him on a werewolf hunt. It just means that you have no choice on a full moon, which is fair enough. I quite enjoy the whole concept. Fairies also benefit from a full moon, making it easier for them to cast fairy magic. They do however suffer from a new moon, so are a bit like werewolves in reverse. They also have the ability to enter fairy houses and treat them like a normal house. You know what that means? Fairy House Parties!

Blue Harry Potter demonstrates broom-riding

Infact I even enjoyed playing as a witch. You get a wide selection of wands to use, broomsticks as transportation or just to mess about on and, as mentioned earlier, you can even learn to use magic without a wand! The only downside I found to witches was I found it very hard to learn how to increase the Spellcasting skill which doesn’t appear in the Skill journal unlike most other skills. Even the in-game tutorials didn’t help out much!

The biggest disappointment was possibly the Genies. Everyone knows what Genies are famous for! Jumping out of lamps, granting wishes, Aladdin. Under this image I excitedly created a genie only to be let down by what the Genie could actually do. Cool, he’s blue, and can float about! All he really can do are one of three things; Summon Food (perfect food every time though), clean either the house or a Sim, eliminating the needs for Maids or Showers, and Banish Sim. I haven’t tried out that last one yet, because I do not yet have a Sim I wish to Banish but next time I want a Sim killed I’ll send ’em to the Genie! I then searched for a tutorial only to find there wasn’t one, meaning there wasn’t much else to them. There wasn’t even a flying carpet which would have made up for everything in my eyes!

I can’t comment on Ghosts yet either for I haven’t really created one yet, but I reckon I’ll have great fun possessing stuff and scaring other Sims. It would also be unfair to criticise vampires under this expansion as they were introduced in the Late Night expansion pack, but the cool thing is you can now create them in CAS rather than run around begging vampires to bite you. There’s also the ability to learn skills ridiculously fast but I’m still unsure if that was already in the game or not.

There’s one last little extra they added to the gameplay which I am hoping to exploit a little with an unknowing friend. Showtime, the previous expansions, added the ability to communicate with friends within the game, allowing you to access your Origin/EA account in-game. This also allowed you to access the Store, link/share memories and unlock achievements. It also enabled a function called SimPort, allowing you to send one of your Sims to another friends game as an Acrobat/Magician/Singer and perform in their world, or “go on tour”. In Supernatural they added the ability to send gifts to your friends through the mailbox. You can send potions if you want, or you can send in-game items. I once sent a teddy bear to my friend. Not only do you send your friends something they need, but you also gain Lifetime Happiness points for your Sims! Quick and easy lifetime Happiness, but there is a limit of 5 items a day and some items can only be sent if your friend has registered their game.

Overall I’m enjoying TS3 Supernatural. It has its ups and downs like all games do, and it must be alright if I can sit for 12 hours straight playing it. Hopefully I can grow to like Genies and Ghosts will be as fun as I expect them to be.

*I’ve now realised that Aliens are more Extra-terrestrial than Supernatural, which explains why they weren’t included.


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