Botanicula Screenshots!

I guess by now I count as femmegamer’s “official” Amanita Design newsdesk. With that in mind, I am happy to accept any Amanita swag from interested parties in the marketing department to redistribute to lucky femmegamer readers (with the proviso I get to keep an item or two). Hint. Hint. *bats eyelashes*

Any takers? No?


So, I try to keep an eye on Amanita trailer releases and whatnot but with one thing or the other this month I forgot to fire up the old search engine and missed a big screenshot release on IGN. Without further ado:

Click image to view the IGN screenshots page!

In other news, I’ve been very lax in my femmegamer duties due to my feverish, hopeless pipe dreams of being a professional novelist, but things have calmed down so I hope to be posting more often.

See you soon!


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