Solving puzzles from a new dimension

Remember when games made the shift from 2D visuals to 3D? Your entire childhood had a birds eye view of all the action surrounding Link but in the next console generation you were thrust into the midst of the action yourself. Of course, some games still benefit from 2D gameplay, such as Street Fighter or certain platformers, but overall it was a big change. Marc ten Bosch is taking things one step further though. Gaming in the fourth dimension.

Miegakure is a platform game where you explore the fourth dimension to solve puzzles. The concept was inspired by Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott. A 3D being would be able to perform acts that seemed like miracles in a 2 dimensional space. Similarly, a being that could access 4 dimensions would be able to do many impossible things in a 3 dimensional space.

The puzzles in Miegakure will require you to think and move in this higher dimension. Using the fourth dimension will mean that the player can see inside closed objects, walk through walls, inter-link objects without breaking them and much more. Limitless clever puzzles can be created from such a set-up and should create some pleasing “eureka” moments for the player.

Miegakure is currently still in development but worth keeping an eye on. It looks like it promises to be an intriguing game and unlike any puzzler you’ve played before.


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