Sunday Videos: Gamescom Trailers

So last week was Gamescom in Germany and the trailers came thick and fast for some of the games we’re going to see in the next couple months and next year.  There were a lot of videos, but here are a few I know people are really looking forward to.

I’m going to start out with one I’m really excited about; Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Once I finished Brotherhood I really got excited for Revelations. We get to see Altair again and do a bit of playing as him by the looks of things, but primarily we’re back to playing Ezio. Which I don’t really mind because I really quite like Ezio and it looks like he’s got a beard now.

Next I’ve got Dark Souls. Now I’m really not terribly interested in this despite it looking awesome, if the gameplay is as annoying as Demon’s Souls I will want to throw it out a window 10 minutes in. I know several people are really looking forward to this though so here it is in all its shiny glory.

Would you believe I’ve not played any of the Mass Effect games? The concept is great and so is the story. There are gameplay elements in the game that I don’t really get on with though, like most of the combat. But I’ve enjoyed watching my husband play it and I know it’s highly anticipated.

Then we have DMC: Devil May Cry. This reboot has many people split between the love and hate for it. I personally really like the look of the gameplay and the the art they’ve shown so far. This vid will show you that Dante is still Dante and he’s kicking ass just like he always has.

I’m going to leave you with a small interview that Gamespot did that shows some in-game footage too; The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. If this game really has more content than Fallout 3 I will be seriously impressed. I put in over 80 hours on Fallout 3 so you may jsut lose sight of me for a while should that be true.


(videos courtesy of the youtube chans for gamespot, Ubibsoft and IGN)

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