DeathSpank: The most fun you’ll ever have in a thong.

Me and this game are besties.

When I first got to know it about a year ago, I thought it was boring. It was nerdy but not in a cool way, I thought. Mannnn, the truth is I’d been hanging out with the bro games and goth games for so long I forgot what nerdy cool looked like.

Sure, it’s got more side quests than a wedding planner. Everybody wants you to get stuff for them. Everybody! My god. The countryside is teeming with people who can’t walk five minutes to fetch a soup bone or something. Why are you not heinously fat, NPCs??? How do you keep your cute little NPC chub-belly so dainty when you can’t walk like, literally, into your own backyard?

How does NPC commerce even work?!?!? Nobody can be bothered to go anywhere! Do they have transporter beams to get goods to the shops? This one guy was even like, Oh I just can’t get that stone five feet to my left. Please get it for me!

What, seriously? Um, okay, BUT ONLY because I am an XP junkie of the nth degree.

Pictured: Goods & Services

No, but seriously, this game made me cackle. Not even like a hen. LIKE A TURKEY. Like, Cogogogoglllaghkakakakakekekekekeheee. And repeatedly! I even hit my head on the back of the sofa hard enough to give myself a headache, I cackled so vehemently. The voice actor for DeathSpank is just that good.

Plus Ron Gilbert wrote it. In case you’re suffering a severe case of the herp derps, I will explain:


The best part is that I didn’t have to wrest P1 from LofL’s unyielding grasp: there’s co-op available. It does tend to make the game stupidly easy, but it was super fun nonetheless. The first game doesn’t give you a choice of co-op characters because co-op was an afterthought. That’s fine. It’s still fun. But we’re playing the second game now, and the co-op characters are awesome. I definitely recommend both DeathSpank 1&2.

I have to say, none of the gameplay trailers do DeathSpank any favours. It doesn’t look fun (not to me, anyway) but it’s reeeeeeallly fun. The challenge in this game is doing enough of the side missions and using the weapons you get correctly — that is to say, not a challenge at all. It’s basically one giant, convoluted vessel for hilarious voice-acting and a brilliant script.

~ Alice M.


3 responses

  1. Blot

    I’ve played only the demo for DeathSpank. I found it HILARIOUS but was irked by too many of these “be a good hero and run around to do my laundry” quests. They’re not my kind of games, I guess. But I love these self-mocking games that are great parodies of the genre.

    Monkey Island, though. *sighs all fangirl-like* Someone should do a tribute piece for the entire series, including Tales. I would weep copious amounts of happy tears.


    July 27, 2011 at 9:05 am

  2. Ooh. Now you’ve got me all excited.

    The only trouble is that I’m a stupid trophy whore – the sort of person who can’t complete any Lego game in less that 500 hours because I have to smash everything and COLLECT EVERY SINGLE PICKY-UPY. GAAAAH. That includes the arduous running around and picking up interchangeable shite for the lazies.Yet I still play them because I love it.

    Now I need to go and put a teatowel over the lampshade and have a little lie down.


    July 29, 2011 at 11:43 am

    • We call it “Final Fantasy Syndrome” in this house (i.e. I MUST HEAR EVERY DIALOGUE TREE AND SEE EVERY WEAPON AAAAAUGH). To illustrate how bad I have it: I insisted we get the Tournesol in FFXII, and I still want to spend the fifty-odd hours it takes inside the giant crystal to get Danjuro.


      July 29, 2011 at 12:01 pm

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