This Ain’t No Place For A Hero

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you: I like Batman. Now, I’m not a slavish devotee and I’ve been more interested in one-shot stories or graphic collections then I’ve ever been in the recurring tales, and I’ve been a fan of (most) of the movies about him. (I’m a slave to the Mirage TMNT comics and some of the derivative works, but that’s a whole other blog post.)

But hot damn, Arkham Asylum’s followup, Arkham City, pretty much pushes all of my ‘dribbly brained fangirl’ buttons. Sure, it’s going to probably be Same Bat Game, Same Bat Play, but I’m okay with that. If you build a winner, you should probably work on that winner and make it more shiny, but don’t remove what MAKES it a winner. We’ll see if this sequel can carry on it’s predecessor’s legacy — I’m not sure we want it to move into ‘chain’ territory (that was lies the path of suck) but it certainly does look like the first game grew up and go more of those wonderful toys…

Sad fact: I own and have only barely played Arkham Asylum. Hey! Something else to do while unemployed — get Arkham Asylum wrapped up while I get a new job and finish school! The trailer’s the perfect inspiration!

Anyway, I’m just gonna leave this shiny thing here. Isn’t it pretty?



3 responses

  1. I love Batman. Arkham Asylum is absolutely awesome. I practically played it through in one sitting cause I was obsessed. Arkham City looks like they expanded and I adore the art design.So totally can’t wait.


    March 22, 2011 at 12:23 am

  2. Amanda

    I admit it, I sat down over the latter half of last week and ground through that puppy.

    While I have to admit I was not enamored of some of the game play aspects — I’ll be honest, it’s probably because I’m rusty on consoles as opposed to the beautiful utility of having SO MANY BUTTONS available to me as a primarily PC player — I enjoyed it over all. Some things were kinda gimmicky, and I would have seriously had a straight out brawl at the end instead of ‘and you fight more goon mobs’, but…

    Yeah. I got most of what I wanted. Atmospherically it dead on for the some of the best parts of the franchise and while the Scarecrow platformer bits sort of aggravated me, I think the occasional change from ‘detect, steath, or krav maga the shit out of things’ was a good thing.

    I hope they only add more options and more shiny toys in Arkham City.


    April 4, 2011 at 9:21 pm

  3. Hopefully it can only get better with the next game. Just as long as they don’t backtrack as sometimes happens with these games when the first is a success. They try for a wider audience and end up screwing the game.

    Stil I’m hopeful and can’t wait.


    April 12, 2011 at 10:41 pm

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