It’ll Wait Until November

I just might have missed something important in that last post. Okay I missed something VERY important in that last post.

Out this month is a very important game. One that many of us old gamers will be unsure of but have been waiting a very long time for. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.  This is a franchise that has been going successfully since 1986, but has never been full on 3D environment. Not the set piece 3D of the PS1 & 2 days, but a full on 3 dimensional world that has depth that isn’t just a backdrop. (Think  DMC as an example of set piece 3D)

That’s 24 years of side scrolling platform goodness. I feel the need to point out that the franchise has always been rather successful. Maybe not always here and in the US, but certainly in Japan.  So now we finally see the world for what it is with all the amazing graphics that the current consoles can give. I’ve played the demo and my oh my am I in love. I have played a large portion of the games and I am a long time fan of the franchise. It’s an action game, but it’s definitely a platform game. After all, you don’t spend 24 years as a platform and forget to be a platform. I’m really excited about the release.This is a momentous occasion.


It’s out on the 8th of October. The same day Enslaved is out. As much as I really don’t want to wait, it’ll have to wait until November and the next paycheck.


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