My gaming is complete again

The last console was replaced today; a new glossy black Wii has now joined the PS3; the last of the insurance money is spent, and most everything we can replace, has been. Tomorrow my husband starts calling the alarm people and we further protect our home. But now we’re basically back to where we were before (with a few missing games still missing) and getting back on our feet.

So far, games are the the only things not 100% replaces. I’ve replaced several of the games — mostly PS3 — and am now working on the Wii games. We also addde two new titles, though bundles or just want. Little Big Planet came with the bundle of the new PS3 we god, and since we got the Wii today, the husband and I picked up what we jokingly call ‘Divorce: The Game’, and plan on getting more multi-player fun on now that we’ve beaten the terribly disappointing Borderlands… though we do have the DLCs to get through as well; I’m not sure how that all shakes out, though, so we’ll go through that as we get time and inclination.

One thing Borderlands did give us, beyond some bitchin’ tunes (Champion’s No Heaven was really the only thing that made beating the game worthwhile) was the knowledge that we make a good team with flush and snipe. He gets them moving, I pop the skulls. I do enjoy the power of a good headshot.

I think we might be getting back to normal. I’m looking forward to it. Now if we could only hammer out some of the tabletop kinks — which should happen this weekend. If not, well ladies– you’ll hear all about the drama at the table over the last two weeks. Heck, you may hear about it anyway.

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