Back from Vacation (and getting busy!)

This past week I was out, so my regular updates naturally ceased for a short while, as did my gaming. Now that I’m back, I have a lot to look forward to! Right before I left, my boyfriend lent me Prince of Persia: Sands of Time for the PS2.

I’ve actually never played any of the Prince games, but I’ve always heard very good things about them. Someone gifted me Prince of Persia: Warrior Within a few years ago as well, but I realized it wasn’t the first game and have thus never played it. Another thing is I watched a friend of mine play through maybe 20% of the most recent Prince game (somewhere in the middle chunk of the game overall) on his laptop, so I had some familiarity with Prince by the time the movie, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time came out a few weeks ago. I recognized the references the movie made to the games, but realized it came a little short. My boyfriend also filled me in on a few storyline points that the movie changed, all the usual stuff.

I played through just the first stage or two (I call them stages, between the save points. You can call it whatever you like.) before going away on my trip. The visuals still hold up very well, I really like all the controls, and the sound track is amazing. Granted, the music in the actual game itself does not sound that good; it’s actually quite choppy and just too compressed. Listening to it from the soundtrack, though, is very pleasant. I really enjoy puzzle games, so I’ve been having a blast with this one!

And when I got home, it was my birthday.

1/2 bday gift

Isn't this cuuuute ❤

Guess what my wonderful boyfriend gave me? Batman! Game of the Year version Batman AA. I’m thrilled, because I’ve been wanting to play that game for a long time and never really found a good copy at a good used price in the local shops, so I just never bought it. Elsewise, I decided to wait on that game since I’ve been playing other things. Once I’m done with the first Prince of Persia game, I’ll tackle Batman before I move on, I think. He’s my favorite superhero. I actually got 2 awesome gifts from him. Besides Batman, he found this great Green Lantern tumbler and decorated it for me.I know it’s naught to do with gaming, but I still would like to share!

Note that it’s all studded up around the logo and whatnot. The stars that are viewable are actually in the back around the word “WILL”. The bottom has my name sticker’d on. In my next post, I will show everyone what I do to super hero t-shirts and why my friends call me Fabulous Batman.  =)

4 responses

  1. Yay for SOs who know just the right thing to get to get right to our hearts.

    When the GBA was new my hubby bought me one for Valentines day. This year for my birthday he bought me an MP3 player that I was coveting.

    It’s been ages since I’ve played the old PoP games. I’ve not finished the second most recent one (the last one pre-movie). I keep getting stuck in bits and getting annoyed. I’ll finish it eventually.


    June 21, 2010 at 11:23 pm

  2. Kristina

    Yeah, definitely happy he knows just what would make me happy.

    I definitely have a history of not finishing games that put a bunch of road blocks ahead of me, but PoP is the nice sort of puzzle game I like to play. It reminds me of a combination of Zakk and Wiki and Monkey Island games. Zakk and Wiki because you can get KO and do things terribly wrong, and Monkey Island because there’s only 1 way you’ll advance, and the game leads you through it pretty well. It’s a comfortable balance.


    June 22, 2010 at 9:53 am

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  4. Oh I like PoP, but sometimes I just get frustrated with bits of it, like the combat. I’ve not played the movie tie in one though, Forgotten Sands. I probably should get it.


    June 22, 2010 at 12:37 pm

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