Dragon Age: Barely Awake…

So I finally got around to finishing up Dragon Age: Origins – Awakenings. (Or however they want to juggle those words). I have to say that was the most expensive DLC in history and the least enjoyable.

I finished in under 20 hours of game play. I pursued most of the side quests, but not all. The lack of character interaction was really a killer for the enjoyment factor – it took all the fun and light ‘between quest’ time out of the game, which was a factor that had really made it for me previously.

What I did like is that the ending ‘story’ did factor in my character’s past — she returns to her beloved Alister and life for her goes on. I just wish that it hadn’t had to go through this really crappy expansion for her to get this apparent storybook ending. But hey, the first game resounded with the themes of war and sacrifice and Awakenings… well, Awakenings didn’t resound with much of anything. It wasn’t a trumpet of a game, it was more like a slide whistle.

Either way, it was okay game play– just repetitive and boring quests with no fun times at camp to spice things up. The characters they created were pretty flat, and didn’t get any more three dimensional because there was simply no way to interact with them beyond a scant cutscene here or there for questlines. It simply wasn’t that fun. A five out of ten at most — mediocre might be an excellent description.

I’m also stymied in FFXIII, which I’ve actually begun to enjoy now — but have hit a boss battle I just can’t seem to quite conquer. It’s the Doom status in the final phase and the reset of the Stagger bar. It’s just not fair, I tell you. If we can’t Stagger the bugger and we’re suddenly on a time limit and can’t remove Doom, THEN what, huh?

Ah well; the weekend has been full of dissatisfaction. Lackluster games, the weekend tabletop game canceled — how has YOUR gaming gone this week? Got that achievement? Rocked that boss? Leveled up?

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  1. Kristina

    My gaming week was TERRIBLE. I didn’t get picked for first round FFXIV beta testing. I know there are more opportunities later, but it starts tomorrow, and I’m going to have to watch my friend play (coz he DID get a beta key) instead of enjoying it myself. Haha, I’ve no resentment, just bitter that I have got to wait longer. 😛


    June 6, 2010 at 8:26 pm

  2. This is a shame to hear. I really loved Dragon Age and have bought Awakenings but not got around to playing it yet. I guess I shouldn’t be in much rush! One of the things I really enjoyed about DA was interacting with the NPC’s (mostly Alistair though if I’m honest!).

    This week I was mainly playing Red Dead Redemption. I’ve been trying to melee 2 cougars for the hunting challenge. So far I have been killed about 20 times, lost 4 horses and once been stamped to death by a boar. I am making quite the bad cowboy without my gun!


    June 7, 2010 at 9:25 am

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