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Yes, it’s yet another introduction post! Aren’t you excited? I’m Jennifer, I’m 27 year old from Manchester, UK and I’m an alcoholic…er, I mean gamer! I’m a gamer.

I’ve been playing video games pretty much my whole life. It started with the BBC Micron and Acorn Archimedes back in the day when games came on cassette tape and floppy disc. However, it wasn’t until one Christmas in 1992 when my brothers and I received a SNES that I really began to love gaming. Street Fighter II and Zelda: Link to the Past will do that to you. I haven’t put down the control pad since and I probably play more games for entertainment than I watch tv. I’ve owned many different consoles over the years but my current platform of choice is an Xbox360.

I mainly enjoy playing RPG’s and FPS’s. Currently I’m enjoying Fallout 3 and I’m eagerly awaiting the next instalment of Bioware’s Dragon Age. I can often be found online fighting my way through the zombie hoards on Left 4 Dead 2 or taking sumo on a world wide tour on Street Fighter IV. I’m also quite partial to time attack games like Zoo Keeper on the DS or Geometry Wars on XboxLive Arcade. It makes me so happy to get a new high score!

I work close to the games industry. I’m a graphic designer at an agency which creates advertising, branding and packaging for video game developers and publishers. This means that we have a lot of new video games around the office which I am lucky enough to get to play on. I’m also a big fan of comic books (DC > Marvel), science fiction novels and cats.

I’m looking forward to being part of Femme Gamer and I hope I can provide some interesting posts and reviews. I certainly look forward to reading everyone else’s!

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  1. Cats are made of win. Welcome Jennifer!


    April 1, 2010 at 2:34 pm

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