So here I am, the newest edition to Femme Gamer.
I’m City, games come first over most things and like Donna, I never sleep.

So right to it really.

I recently learned that Eidos were trying to censor any negative reviews about Tomb Raider Underworld before the game came out, much in the same way they tried to with Kane & Lynch.
What’s the point?

Reasons why they both got bad press:
Kane & Lynch had the worst PC port I have ever seen, they hadn’t even bothered to change the sodding menu’s from the Xbox version, and don’t even get me starting on the aiming, or length…

Tomb Raider Underworld is just unfortunately still very buggy. Bad clipping, bad cameras, why the hell weren’t these things picked up in testing? Why was it rushed out so there has been a game per year for the last few years? What about giving fans a nice polished game, instead of a good game, with irritating problems. It pains me to say all of that. I am a massive Tomb Raider fan, I’ve gotten every game on release day, all the special editions where I can, and sat and played them through as soon as I got them home… apart from this one.

So Eidos, instead of censoring everyone in order to get a better metacritic score, how about spending just a little bit longer putting out a polished version of a game, they way you wouldn’t have to worry about the reviews, as the games would speak for themselves.


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