Yesterday when I got in from work my husband had sad news for me. Gary Gygax has died. I sat down suddenly and began to frown as the impact settled in.

Indirectly Gary Gygax has been responsible for a fair amount of the years of my life since I was 20. Without him and his creation of D&D and RPGs the last 12 years of my life wouldn’t have happened the same and I certainly would not have my wonderful husband. So many friends and so many wonderful times. All because of one creation that spawned so many ideas and millions of imaginations.

I was about 12 when I played my very first D&D 2nd Ed game. I was confused by THAC0 then and I still am today, but regardless I loved it and wanted to play more. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to play more until I was in my 20s. Between that first D&D game and my 20s though was computer games. Wonderful RPGs such as Final Fantasy. Games that I seriously don’t think would have existed had Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson not created the world of D&D and RPGs.

With a single creation imaginations were spurred into action and our whole gaming world has blossomed. Inadvertantly Gary Gygax changed the face of gaming, both computer and pen&paper. That change though has touched so many lives and changed so many people. And so much of it was only for the better.

Gary Gygax you were a hero who loved your fans to the last moment. We will miss you.

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  1. I think that more people will discover Gary and his influence only in retrospect. He touched many more people than will ever know. It’s a big loss for gaming.


    March 6, 2008 at 4:25 am

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