If only….

So, thanks to a special someone I’ve been playing around in Pirates of the Burning Sea on a buddy key. I didn’t realise just how much I’ve been looking forward to playing PotBS until I got that little code. Once I finally managed to find the download page, with unexpected help from the SOE FAQ, I was well on my way to waiting 24 hours to play. I had to download it twice because the first one was corrupted. Not sure why, shit happens. Once I had it installed it took another 12 hours to patch. I wish I was joking about that amount of time but I’m not. I trully astonished me jsut how much patching was needed.

It was eventually ready though and I was ready to get in there and be a pirate. So I did and I was having a bit of fun trying out being a scourge of the sea. All is good and well until I log in one day and the harbour I’m in happens to be over shadowed by a nearby port’s siege. I think nothing of it figuring that high level people won’t bother with me since I’m obviously only level 6 and definately a newbie. Ya know I wish I could say this all has a happy ending, but I can’t. I was attacked of course. No biggie right? I am after all in a PvP zone so I should expect someone of a similiar level to me to have a go at PvP. Definately not the case. For my first PvP experience in this lovely game I get jumped by big boys and not just 1, but 2 of them teamed on me. Yes my dears, it took two level 40+ ships to take out little level 6 me with nothing in my hull but a bit of default ammo. This was not the only incident like this unfortunately. I had several scenarios like this one happen to me and it did not make me happy.

I am not what people term as a carebear. If I willingly go into a PvP zone then it is my own fault if I get attacked. What I object to is having a PvP zone thrust upon me and thus having my choice taken away.

I am more than aware of the nature of this game. I know that PvP is a part of it. The nature of the game doesn’t mean that everyone wants to do it. There are PvE shops out on the open seas that will attack you. There is anything but safety out on the open waters, but to force people in PvP when they don’t want it is a bad choice and it will drive people away.

So as much as I enjoyed playing PotBS, the PvP really makes me not want to play it because I don’t like having that choice taken out of my hands.


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