Assassin’s Creed

Okay so it’s been nearly 2 weeks since my last post, but I did warn you. Assasin’s Creed kinda sucked up my life. Well that and the day job has been a bit insane this past week.

I don’t know where to start with this game. I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed a game this much in a while. At least not a console game.  The graphics are beyond stunning and the gameplay is smooth and fitting. The story is so good  it makes me wish the next one was out now so I could play it.

I was not disappointed in the beuty of this game visually. All of the trailers and screenshots I’d seen lived upo expectations. So much detail in everything from faces to clothes. Where most games actually cut for cut scenes with special cgi graphics, this one didn’t have to. When a cut scene happened you jsut lost your UI and the scene played out and you were still running the in game graphics. This of course also saved on loading times of going back and forth too which was good for the flow of the game.

The controls take a bit of getting used to, but they aren’t difficult once you know what you’re doing. In combatthe controls require a bit of coordination, but it’ll become second nature pretty fast. Executing counter moved and combos becomes second nature and the fights will jsut flow. There are almost countless different counter move sequences and general fight action sequences. Meaning that a fight visually won’t get boring. They have put a lot of thought into the execution of the fight visually as well as gameplay-wise.

The free running is very well executed. Gone is the getting the jump exactly right to go from one rooftop to another. Combine the good controls with a very well laid out street level and rooftop level and you’re completely sorted. You really can go anywhere and getting there has never been so easy. There were several instances when I was running from guards across the rooftops and ended up all the way across one of the cities without even noticing I’d gone so far. You really can climb anywhere there is a handhold.

I don’t want ot give away the story. Suffice it to say that it’s brilliant. The sci-fi elements are wonderfully executed and really add to the story. This is a world I’m really looking forward to playing in.

I haven’t finished the game yet. I’ve gotten to the end boss but was having some difficulties so put it down for a couple days to let my frustrion cool down. There are some irritating things like setting off the guards unintentionally. Or the beggars and crazy people that are endlessly a pain in the ass when you’re trying your best to pickpocket some guy for some throwing knives. But the problems with the game are massively outweighed by the goodness of the game.

Go play it. You won’t regret it.

Now to go play Mass Effect some more. I have many side quests awaiting me.


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  1. I can’t wait to get a 360. Too many good games out there.


    November 27, 2007 at 1:42 am

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